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In the last meeting with Brooklyn, Jerami Grant scored 32 points -- one of his eight 30-point games this season. Grant also scored 32 points Thursday against the Hornets when he hit 11 of 24 shots and added eight rebounds in a game in which coach Dwane Casey used 12 players.San Antonio Spurs Design Face Coverings

In a "miraculous development," LeVert recovered better than expected. In early March, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported LeVert could return to play for the Pacers in the second half of the 2020-21 NBA season.Brooklyn Nets Design Face Coverings

Initially, the Nets said the strain was mild and ruled him out for just two games, but subsequent scans revealed more bleeding than the team initially could diagnose.

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While Celtics fans don’t want excuses, the grind of the regular season can cause a lot of games like Wednesday’s to take place.

The upshot of all that is the decline in mid-range frequency is coming mostly from complementary players, spot-up shooters and floor-spacers, not necessarily the primary scorers who used it as a primary part of their arsenal. And those players are still around. For every James Harden, a high-volume scorer who’s excised the mid-range jumper from their shot-selection, there’s a Kevin Durant who still regularly uses it to break a defense.Orlando Magic Design Face Coverings

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“This isn’t a market in perpetuity. The 10 minutes before the IPO closes gets hectic like the end of an eBay auction,” Jock MKT co-founder Tyler Carlin, said in an interview. “It creates a short feedback loop and it’s a peer-to-peer marketplace so someone has to be on both sides of the trade.”Denver Nuggets Design Face Coverings

This is yet another bummer for both Gordon (who has a lengthy injury history) and the Rockets (who’ve lost 14 straight).
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